One of the most popular sayings about life is – live in the moment, dont plan – dont look behind nor think too much about the future. Live like there is no tomorrow to live life to the fullest. But in the truest and clearest way – if one is truly honest – is this really possible? Not to think about tomorrow or yesterday – just for today. If yesteryears were not there, today wont be like it is and if tomorrow and the future wasnt there to look forward to then we probably wouldnt be doing what we are doing today…such as getting up to work, making plans to meet friends and family, travel and so forth.

I feel living in the moment is like being on a rollercoaster – it has its highs and lows, its fast paced and its fun – but there are times in life that there is a need to step off the rollercoaster and stop – to think, to feel, to believe, to set the course of direction, to reflect and to understand. So how can we say live in the moment to live life to the fullest if we cant always do that?

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