Its all about time….

As the popular saying goes….it doesn’t rain…it pours! In life too – there are times when there are a series of events that are similar in pattern.

If these events are happy occasions  – life feels beautiful….song and dance appears in every step, a joyous beat in every heartbeat and the lips don’t stop grinning. But if these are occasions of sadness – life seems a burden, every step heavy and torturous, every smile a forced facial muscle and every heartbeat an anxious thud. 

There are times when we feel we want to run away but our legs are shackled with ropes of responsibility, duty and commitments. We find ourselves prisoned in our own railings of life – we drown in the seas of our own making…..tears weep at our helplessness but we somehow find the strenght to carry on – yet another day…in the hope of that time that would bring back our song and dance, our joy and our grin. Surely the rainbow appears after it pours?


  1. Hi Palak,
    Its been a long time. Hope things are good with you.
    Very true. When it rains… it pours! Just a week back, I was so down in the dumps… All bad things happened together. Anyway, I licked my wounds… and back to life now 🙂


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