To be so passionate about something that one would be willing to put at stake everything that one holds dear; So strongly one feels that nothing is too much to give up; So important it is that one would be willing to lose everything;…..To feel that adrenaline rush that makes each moment shine and sparkle with life. To feel such passion to follow our dreams and work hard, makes us achieve perfection. Until till passion arrives in our lives we are living a mediocre life…or are we? With such a passion for one thing in life – are we giving up all the small lots of little joys of life? Are we so focused on the one big thing in life that we don’t smell the flowers, don’t watch the fireplace and sip hot chocolate, don’t get our hands into the flour to kneed the dough to make homemade bread, don’t watch the birds sing and play, don’t wait by the seaside for that dolphin to make the perfect jump, don’t spend time just being rather than doing? Is it better to be passionate and achieve par excellence or to enjoy the little joys life gives us everyday?

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