Is being at peace with yourself, yet at war with all those around you better than being at war with yourself to hold peace with others? Does it have to be a choice – can it not be possible to be at peace with all? Is it attainable? Or does it make it worse – and in trying to achieve peace all around we end up not making anyone happy?

We live our lives either trying to please someone else or to please ourselves – now its definetely not possible to please everyone – so who do we choose? and why?
Can we really be at peace if we are waging a war against all those we hold dear? So is it better to take a bitter pill ourselves to make those around happy? And we end up bringing a smile to everyone else – are we really unhappy ourselves? Do we need to make this choice – is it not interlinked? Are we really at cross purposes? Or is it of our own making?

One comment

  1. I think first of all we have to make peace within ourself. if we are in peace we can make attempt to make oue dear ones happy. so first make peace for yourself and then give happiness to as many as you can

    Rajendra Tewary


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