New York ~ the city everyone wants to visit!

The city everyone wants to visit once at the very least…

Well, according to me, it should be on everyones Bucket list. Its an amazing city.

And while I wont tell you the “normal” top things to do that everyone else would as those go without saying…but here are a few “off the norm” things that I loved doing in NYC:-

1. Go to New Jersey to catch the view of the NYC Skyline…It is absolutely amazing!
2. Defintely visit “Magnolia Bakery” and try one of the cakes….yummmmmm. I visited the one in Grand Central Terminal catching two birds with one stone…
3. Walk along the “highline” – something different and uniquely done.
4. Def catch a broadway show…there are so many to choose from…
5. Try food from one of the Food Trucks…a must do.
6. I know this is not “off the norm” but cant miss it off the list – SHOP!

I hope you enjoy your trip to NYC!


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