#SpreadHappiness -there is so much good if you look for it….


Trrrriiinnnnnggg….and the alarm wakes me up – and as I roll over to shut it out and awaken – I catch hold of my phone and start to browse through for a few minutes checking emails, news, twitter, Facebook and other social media sites – once ensured there is nothing important missed, I move on to my morning routine of Yoga (on good days) and getting ready for work…After catching a quick breakfast and chat with the family – I rush to the car to tackle the traffic and motorists intent on getting to work.
Now, you, must be wondering why my morning routine is important? I just wanted to highlight that along with me, many would have similar routines, and the day would start off reading mostly “negative” news and then by the time, having tackled the traffic with aggressive motorists, we finally come to work with a mind that is already tired and stressed. In this era, its impossible not to be overloaded with information shouting at your from various sources – if not the radio or tv, it would be phone apps or social messaging.
Not so one morning, when a post on Facebook caught my eye talking about a stranger’s selfless act to help and reminded me of the countless times I have been helped for no reason or rhyme and it made me smile. It started off a chain of people sharing stories which made me almost cry at the amount of goodness there is out there.
The story that I shared was one of the most profound memories that it went on to become  – it was when our passports & money were stolen on a Saturday in Paris on a holiday and we had to return back on Monday to London, otherwise end up losing money on the euro rail tickets booked plus we didn’t have visas to stay back in France! We were helped most wonderfully by everyone we met -from the hotel team who helped us make calls, find out what needs to be done etc, the police who did all the paperwork so seamlessly & quickly and even dropped us back in their police car when they realised we would need to pay for a taxi, the Indian embassy who got our replacement passports done in matter of hours, to the immigration officials who stamped our passports for visas back to the UK and so many more. It was supposed to be a very distressing event but meeting so many amazing ppl who I will never get to repay, was an experience that made it one of the most memorable events in my life.

Perhaps if we all did this – looked out for the good that happens to us and more importantly remember it and pass it on, the world would be a much happier place.

From the stranger who opens the door for you, to the driver who lets you pass through ensuring you got to work on time, to those who help you when you most need for nothing in return – celebrate them all.


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