Zanzibar – my "beach" holiday realisation…

I have always been a little bit restless, always looking for some change, some movement, something to happen – and thus, after every few months, I want to travel….I always thought I went places as I itched to explore the world, to understand different people, to absorb what the cultures had to offer, to see & do different things, to learn, to rejuvenate myself…

For the first time, in spite of all my travels, it was in Zanzibar that I felt; I also travel to understand myself and my place in the universe’s scheme of things, I travel to know the beauty of returning home and I travel to find myself and realise what is actually important.
Zanzibar is an island and a beach holiday is, in my view, one of the best times to take stock of life and contemplate. Perhaps thus came the deeper realisation as to why I travel – I had ample time to contemplate whilst gazing at the Ocean (in between having oodles of fun!)
The first glimpse of a holiday destination is always exciting and Zanzibar offered a view that can only be described as breathtaking. It was a 4 day holiday to the island and there is much to offer there but our main aim was to relax ~ in/by the pool and the ocean. And that’s what we did – it was simply bliss!
Catching the sunrise and the sunset when you are at a beach holiday is a must ~ the horizons, the colours, the beauty is enchanting – as if you are in a painting….
We did take a day out to explore the historical stone town of Zanzibar and potter in the markets to buy the spices that Zanzibar is so famous for. It is hot in Zanzibar so wear appropriate clothing and carry sunscreens/hats etc.
We also did take a boat ride to go find dolphins and we were lucky to spot quite a few at close vicinity. The ocean wasn’t kind to us and it was a rough crossing, that all of us felt ill by the end of that trip so my tip is:- do take some anti motion sickness medicine prior to undertaking the boat journey! Indian ocean is also quite dark so whilst snorkeling it is not easy to see the dolphins underwater. It is easier to await on top of the boats to catch glimpse of these water mammals. Be careful whilst photographing – the waves are high and balance becomes precarious…

This was a holiday filled with swimming, sand-sculpting, bonding, exploring, relaxing and eating -one of the best parts of getting a full board deal is the delightful buffet on offer for each of the meals. I still miss them…*sigh*
Whilst swimming in the Indian Ocean, we were treated to an exquisite event where we had the ocean around us, rain falling over us, the sun shining and rainbows across the horizon. Being in the sea it was impossible to capture this sight but some things are simply meant to be lived and the image of it is photographed in my memory.
If I were a Doctor (which actually, all my fellow travellers were/gng to be) I would prescribe a beach holiday to everyone atleast once every couple of years – it gives you a new perspective every time. 🙂
Happy beach bumming amigos…

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