PhotoFun Challenge Day 19: Summertime

Summertime brings instant images in the mind; of beaches and gardens, of the sea and sand, of swimming and sunshine, of the icecream van and icecream cones in varied colours, of butterflies and blooming flowers, of smiles and echos of laughter. Back, as a child, summers were long holidays ~ so there was always something going on…..from games and sports, to activities and reading, to vacations and jaunts, to lots of food and cold cold drink. *Sigh* if i could box summertime and sell it, I bet it would be the most sold slice of happiness…

For todays challenge, I captured what I have spent many a days doing; donning on my sunglasses and sitting out in the garden with a book and a long drink of something very cold…and then it struck me, I was happy even when photographing this…so why wait for summers….wouldn’t happiness be:- perhaps cozing up under my duvet on Sunday mornings in winters, with a book (yes, books are a big part in making me happy 😋) and a hot mug of masala tea or maybe, sitting out on the terrace on evenings, in the spring and watching the sun go down, or having an icecream, in the middle of the night, just because I felt like it. 

We always end up waiting for something to be happy…but if you really look at it… happiness is there to be captured every moment in our life….all we need to do is see those moments.

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