One day at a time…

We (I means humans!) have a day for everything when we try and celebrate all that it entails.

The list goes on from Family days (breaking it down to each family member over the course of the year), to Tourism days, to Philosophy days. And days for different health ailments and then days for Hello, Smile and  Kindness. How can I forget days for Friendship and Solidarity. And the day for Women, Children and Men. Of course we do celebrate some more than the others and some we don’t even know about. In fact, if you research, there are almost 200 days that we have in a year and these are just international – there would be the national days added to this list from the place that you live in. 

It can be argued that the day brings our focus to that particular aspect of our life, that we generally tend to forget in our day to day haste. Or that is time to spoil/celebrate someone or something that we don’t normally do. Or that the world comes together as one on this day to rejoice. All that is very well but should that mean that the rest of the 364 days in a year, we should not give that aspect of life any importance? We become so busy that we need to be reminded of our family, our health, of kindness, of friendship, of love?

Let’s take the example of Valentine’s Day approaching. The markets are flush with chocolates and roses. Anticipation is high. Plans are made and remade. But should that mean we forget about it for the rest of the year after this one display of affection? Do celebrate to your heart content on the day but then, I feel, possibly don’t limit yourself to just that one day? Food for thought perhaps?


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