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Dear Readers,

Today is my last Showcase and as March ends, we stand at the verge of spring. The days are lighter and brighter, bringing a cheer to our hearts, yet the chill and rain make it confusing… is spring here or not?

In this time, there are contrary themes at play, keeping us on our toes and dancing to find our beat. There’s joy to be had in this confusion.

Keep dancing!


The first poem today is my take on the collision of nature’s different themes and when we find ourselves pulled in two different directions. However, I always find, where collisions occur there can still be real beauty to be found.

The Beauty Of The Human Mind

In springtime’s dawn, oppositions reign,
As ice and warmth, sun and rain,
Collide in nature’s grand display,
A dance of contraries in play.

The thaw starts, the ice gives way,
As winter’s clutch begins to sway,
And yet, the chill still lingers on,
An enigma, oh, so strong.

The earth awakens, buds appear,
A time of growth, a time of cheer,
And yet, the storms they do not cease,
A puzzle, oh, inner peace.

The spring’s conflicts do persist,
A paradox of sorts, that we can’t resist,
For life is made of opposites,
Of joy and ache, of likes and dislikes.

So let us embrace the birth of spring,
With all the challenges it brings,
For in the paradox we find,
The beauty of the human mind.

© Palak Tewary, 2023

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