Politics & Policies – India

Having been someone who has avidly followed politics since the Lok SabhaElections of 2014 – it comes to mind, with the new Government have things evolved or not.
Change is definitely there – perhaps in the perception of people, perhaps in the expectations. From – ab to kuch bhi nahi ho sakta – the dream has become – kuch to zaroor hoga.
As many have said – implementation is the key and deliverables will only prove the merit of the huge mandate received by BJP. But judging by the intent, India appears to be on the way up.
What makes me say that? Being a complete novice in the political world – I have had a quick education through news reports and videos, politician’s own twitter accounts and words, from leading industrialists, economists, political editors analysis and the daily debates held on news channels.
Economics and History were lessons I thought had ended with school but have now come back with a vengeance and how. I had forgotten how much I loved these subjects and the current Indian state is drawing me into its web.
From the speeches by Prime Minister Modi & his Government, to actions taken with regards to improving the Bureaucracy to the Rail Budget delivered yesterday – the intent of the Government shows. The holistic approach to the Rail Budget – that includes security, safety, cleanliness, facilities, improvements, connectivity and service to aspirational projects such as the Bullet trains, the Government has set a vision for where it wants to take India and will do what needs must to achieve the Goals.

Anticipation for the Budget tomorrow are sky high – and every person from every walk of life awaits…in India & abroad. 


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