Dublin ~ (In Gaelic = Dub linn ~ meaning the "Black Pool")

I love going to Dublin….its a great city and the people are so friendly.

My list of must dos here include:-

1. Go to Phoenix park which also houses the Dublin Zoo. Now if you hail from Africa and have Safari’s at your doorstep then this won’t really sound as exciting but it is one of the largest park in Europe I believe and worth seeing.

2. Jump on a Bus or Train and go to the Coast…Bray, Howth, Dalkey – are all a short ride away and beautiful. Now  – be sure to go in summer.

3. Stroll through the city and enjoy Dublin as locals do…

4. Go to Trinity College

5. Finally – eat and drink and be merry….after all – as James Joyce said in his novel the “Dubliners” – Dublin is a city of dreamers and chancers…

So long, my fellow wanderers.


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