#icebucketchallenge! Really?! NO!

The fad that is growing day by day and hijacking my social media pages. Am I going to do it? I am sorry but NO…I am not doing it. Sorry, those who have nominated me or thinking of doing so.
Why? Simply because for a simple reason that I don’t believe in wasting water – when there are so many who are struggling for water. I am not going to list a variety of facts and criticisms that can be found on the internet but simply putting forth my point of view.
The main point is to donate and please do….ALS is a worthy cause but seriously people, think….what is the point of wasting one resource (read limited) for another cause…please do donate, and if you really need a fad then why not do something that doesn’t waste a resource…wear a helmet and get hit on the head! Or jump off a plane…or do a kind deed and post that! Or if it does need water – go jump in an ice cold ocean! But please don’t waste water! 

Disclaimer: The pictures are not my own and from a google search and available to use. 



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