PhotoFun Challenge Day 15: Action

Imagine a long stretch of road (without traffic!), a full tank of petrol and favourite music ~ that’s my piece of heaven. I love to drive, love the feel of the car as the wheels cover miles…and hence, for today’s topic I couldn’t think of capturing anything other than a moving car ~ it’s like poetry in motion…ok maybe that’s a bit much…but hey, it still is pretty awesome. 🚘
Isn’t life like driving too?

…you can look back but it’s looking in front that gets you to your destination safely.

…if you are driving at night, you cannot look further than your headlights but you can do the whole trip like that ~ you just need to focus on what’s in front of you and what you can see…same thing applies to life.

…a split second decision makes a huge difference.

….you need to adjust yourself and your movements to reach your goal, depending on what the circumstances are and what other people are doing.

…and sometimes just listening to music makes driving all the more better ~ makes life all the more better.



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