PhotoFun Challenge Day 16: Jars

If you have grown up in an Indian household, you would know that it is not new to find the store filled with jars full of different spices. My mother’s kitchen is always stocked up with these spices filled in glass jars for easy identification – not that I know just by looking what is what – but my marvellous mother and infact even my fabulous father, who are both great cooks, can tell what is what and how to use it just by looking at the spices. My sweet sister and I have been taught, how to mix these spices for the best effect in our cuisine but there is still a long way to go to learn everything. As I was photographing the different spice jars today, I felt that our life is also full of people who are as different as these spices but they bring their own individual taste (point of view) to our lives and the mixture of them is what makes our life all the more better…so instead of trying to change someone, we should celebrate them and what they bring to us. 


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