PhotoFun Challenge Day 28: Transportation

I love to drive so when the topic was transportation, I instantly thought of my beloved car. There is nothing more therapeutic  than long stretches of road (and no traffic!), surrounded by gorgeous views, accompanied by good music and a full tank of petrol in your car. Transporation gets you from A to B and a lot of things do that other than a car…but driving gives you something more I think…
The age old saying about the windscreen being larger than the rearview mirror and hence we should look forward and not at the past holds true. Driving does teach you to look more ahead than looking back…but it also teaches you to live in that moment…not ahead or back…losing focus from that moment can result in catastrophes…possibly thats why I love to drive…because you are in that moment – not worrying about something in the future and not dissecting the past…you are more in that moment than at any other time…you are noticing more even if you dont realise it. Your senses are more alert and you grasp more of whats going on even if subconsciously. 

People say its they think best when they are driving….and you must be wondering how can I say that you are more in that moment but then are thinking about various things – past and future both. It’s because your senses are more active then – your conscious brain may be thinking about other things but thats just the surface….its your subconscious that is focused and that is the powerful thing here. If you can wake up your subconscious and get it to focus at other times of your life…just imagine the potential that can be achieved.  

Its no coincidence that we ask “what drives you” when talking about our motivation….


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