PhotoFun Challenge Day 26: Favourite Colour | Poetry

the pink and orange hue of the sunset;
or the white and blue of the cloudless sky;
maybe the green of the swaying leaves in the breeze;
also the yellow of the shining sun;
perhaps the brown of my father’s eye as they twinkle at me;
and the red of my mother’s lips as she laughs at my antics;
it could be the black in my sister’s hair that I see as she hugs me;
or the gold in my grandmother’s watch that flicker in front of me, as she raises her hands to bless me;
probably the grey and silver of the moonlit night;
even the purple and navy of bruises attained in the quest of an adventure;
almost certainly the spectrum in the rainbow;
and its probable its the one in a blooming flower;
how do I choose but one colour?

*sigh* I do love colours…
perhaps, it is our folly that we limit ourselves to one choice?
not just in colours but in life too…maybe if we don’t put limits to ourselves!
but explore all that is open to us, we may live the moments more fully…
Food for thought perhaps?



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