7 Travel Apps that make life easier

Travelling has become so much fun and easier with the introduction of Smart Phones –  Gone are the days of immense amount of papers to carry when touring around. Some of my favourite apps are:-

  1. TripIt – This takes all my emails and sort them out into a itinerary of my upcoming trip. Where it doesn’t do that, I can email TripIt and it will either file it away correctly or there is an option to amend/add/delete the itinerary as required. It makes travelling easier to have all the bookings, tickets etc. in one placePhoto 17-07-2017, 12 24 27
  2. Google Trips – This is another awesome app that takes all your emails and creates your upcoming trip – this has additional features of finding out what to see and best places to eat and visit and you can save your favourite bits for offline viewing too so it helps when there is no internet on the road. Why this and TripIt you ask – both have features that the other doesn’t – we can amend the itinerary on TripIt but not on Google Trip but TripIt doesn’t provide the “things to do” part so its useful having both apps
  3. Trail Wallet – The worst thing when on a trip is to overspend and come back home to a mountain of debt. That’s where trail wallet comes in – it helps note the expenses whilst on the go. You can also allocate a budget to the trip or per day and ensure you don’t go over!
  4. Hotels.Com /Booking.Com – I usually tend to book my hotels through these two sites and between them there is usually a pretty sweet deal to be had
  5. Google maps – my  go-to for everything – from mapping out my road trips, to finding out the distances between sights, it is fabulous and this had to be on my list
  6. RoadTrippers – this is a relatively new app that I am trying out but I really like it. Its especially useful on road trips as it shows me places to eat, see, do on the way
  7. Citymapper – no city seems strange to me with this app. I am never lost and can figure out how to get where via bus, train, ferry, SkyTrain  – the world is my oyster

Any apps that you absolutely love that make your travel life easier?


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