Top 5 reasons to go on a Safari – Maasai Mara, Kenya

IMG_6891There are several reasons why going on a safari should be on everyone’s #LifeList and having been on many over the years and the latest one being Masaai Mara in Kenya, this post is long overdue. My top 5 reasons for a Safari Trip are:

  1. The thrill of searching for the “wilds” in their own habitat is exhilarating. The long hours & bumpy rides are easily forgotten and the heart races with excitement as you rush along, upon getting a tip from the rangers, to catch sight of one of the elusive ones. I am especially fascinated by the big cats and can spend hours waiting and watching.
  2. IMG_6890No two times at a Safari are the same –  and I am not only talking about two different places or dates but also from morning to evening or one day to the very next, it can be vastly different and you never know what you are going to see or find!
  3. You can’t get closer to nature than this. The starry nights, sunny days, clear skies, vast plains, wooded jungles – the bush experience is that and much more.IMG_6889
  4. You go back in time – your phones are forgotten, there is no room for a laptop, in the midst of the jungle – there is hardly any reception, the places you stay at – have limited electricity and water. There is no option but you have to reconnect with yourself.
  5. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience – staying in tented accommodation, overlooking a watering hole, where you can watch for animals coming to quench their thirst.


You come back re-energized, refreshed and raring to go.

It’s a different perspective, a life-changing event and once hooked, you will not be able to wait to get back.

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