Dealing with anxiety and managing stress using the TWIRL technique

BlogJan18Its tough dealing with stress.

We have all been here.

Over the years, trying and testing many ways of dealing with stress, I have found the following to be incredibly useful – I have coined it the TWIRL technique.

Think of the moment you are in – not the past nor the future. Look around and identify things that you can see. Note the sounds you are hearing. Pay attention to the smells. Touch what’s around you. Get up and walk – the movement reminds you of the here and the now.

Write down, what you are feeling and what’s worrying you. Even if it is a few notes or scribbles. It’s like taking a load off your shoulders and setting it aside.

Inhale and exhale deeply. Loudly. 10 Times. Oldest trick in the book but believe me it works.

Remember all the things you are grateful for. All the things that you love and make you happy. I keep a collage filled with images that make me happy. It can be anything – people, pets, things, hobbies, places, food, jokes, quotes etc. It’s an instant pick me up.

Lie down and sleep, if you are able to and if you are not, take a break, go put your head down and catch a power nap – even for a few minutes. It works wonders for a stressed mind.

All the above should take about 10-15 minutes to complete and can provide relief in a stressed situation.

Taking that time out, you should now be able to go back to your written notes about what was worrying you and see it from a perspective of trying to find a solution.

In the long term, a healthy lifestyle, developing an ability to prioritise, to take a moment before you react and following the TWIRL technique can help eliminate stress from life.


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