I Shall Miss, When Lockdown Ends | Poetry| Write On! Extra | Pen to Print

Included in the Writer of the Month published on: https://pentoprint.org/writer-of-the-month-palak-tewary/

The lazy routine of the mornings
Taking a moment to savour the smell of the new coffee blends
Sitting in the sunshine or watching as the bird sings
The jaunty chatter of the family, the cheery giggling with friends

The happiness that I found within, not without
The little notes to myself that I now penned
Alas, the joy of just being, just living, devout
The luxury of time that I now have, to spend

Those video calls that we make every week
Sitting up late because we just had to watch another episode
The fun and games and dressing up half-chic
This uncharted spell…where everything seemed to have slowed

The release of my creative spirit in new and unfound ways
Doing things that I have, perhaps, forgotten in life’s contends
Little keepsakes made and added to my treasured arrays
I shall miss, when lockdown ends


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