A Strange Collection | Pen to Print Poetry Competition 2021 – Second Place

First published on: https://pentoprint.org/the-pen-to-print-awards-2021/

Pen to Print Poetry Competition 2021 – Second Place

I collect hearts – broken hearts. In horror, you jump a mile from
me and look at me aghast. Yes, it sounds awful, doesn’t it? It may
be a trying tale to tell but tell I must. For this cannot be hidden,
you know. I collect broken hearts. Truth be told, its not as easy
as it may sound – for, though there are many that are and remain
broken, not many are willing to trade them away. They keep them
holding tight in their fist, as if it was gold that I had asked for. Or
they try to hide it from sight, so sometimes it’s difficult to know its
there. Or they try and convince me that it is not shattered at all – simply
bruised. Mayhap, they are trying to persuade themselves? I collect
broken hearts. Even though it’s not as easy as it sounds. Rummaging
deep (sometimes), I find there are incalculable amounts to add to
my collection. In every corner. In every junction. On every street. At
every meet. And though they all come from different places, they all
look the same. Crimson. Shiny. Broken. I collect broken hearts. You
may ask what I trade in return. That’s where the magic is, my friend.
They can choose what they want. Listening ear. Shoulder to cry on.
Someone to sympathise. Empathy galore. Laughter to share. Burden
to bear. Someone to understand. A helping hand. A friend indeed. A hug
that they need. Perchance, my story you shall share and foraging for
my compendium may become easier. Tell them, I collect broken hearts


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