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My next piece is a beautiful poem by poet and Write On! regular, Palak Tewary, Out Of Season Flower. I like how there’s a message there about letting nature take its due course and how to allow something to thrive and bloom. You have to give it the time and space it needs. Not only for growth, but also for survival. The difference in outcomes for doing so is indeed a world apart.

Out-Of-Season Flower

The perfect temperature it must be
for the out-of-season flower to survive
the water must be just right
and so, must the sunlight
Govern it carefully, lest you let it die
a chance mistake, an inadvertent detraction
giving way to a careless greed
and offering a bit less than is the need
Watch it! don’t layer it so tight
that the ozone becomes harmful
and you lose the striven race
to bloom the blossom, you tried to place
Mayhap if you had let nature take its course
and let me flourish at my own pace
perhaps, today, I wouldn’t be like that
out-of-season flower, in an unnatural habitat

© Palak Tewary, 2022

Connect with Palak Tewary on: palaktewary.com or through Twitter and Instagram: @palaktewary

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