Earth’s Warning | Poetry | Pen to Print

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The last piece I’d like to share with you comes from Write On! regular, Palak Tewary. I find its dark undertone very powerful, as it emphasises the importance of looking after our environment.

from the fields of gilted corn and blushed wheat

to the pathways covered with yellow and amber leaves

the autumn bloom spreads its wings

and a magical hue, the wind weaves

the clouds cast their tormenting net in the open air

and a rainy spell could destroy us whole

a pitch dark blackness that overwhelms

and a brutalising fear, in the middle of the soul

but then the morning rays of the golden sun

gently touch the rolling hills bursting with crops

the stream smoothly bubbles along

keeping pace as the chestnut horse gallops

yes, a fickle mistress, the land lures

bestowing treasures, as it bids – although

do remember: the humble lesson harvests teach

we can only reap as we sow

© Palak Tewary, 2022

Connect with Palak Tewary on or through twitter/Instagram: @palaktewary

Destruction comes as the result of ignoring the message. The last line ‘we can only reap if we sow’ is my favourite, as it highlights that we can only reap the rewards if we work hard to get there – something I strongly believe in myself. Maybe this is the way we can start bringing our world together, even if we’re feeling ‘apart’!


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