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Cleanliness, be it in the city or the villages is an important focus area for the Government. This task enables NRIs to share best practices adopted in the field of cleanliness …

Palak Tewary: Suggestions for “Clean India” Campaign

  1. Different coloured Bins to separate different types of waste. Should be found in public places, in offices, in schools, in houses and every place where waste can be produced. In UK, there are different coloured Bins kept outside the house, which is collected weekly/2-weekly basis. We separate the waste inside the house, and then go put it outside in the correct Bin for it to be collected. IF the waste is not separated correctly, there should be fines. This also ensures that waste is collected even if you are not home. For flats – there are communal large bins so the collection is easier for the entire block of flats.
  2. There should be these different coloured Bins in all public places – in the span of every half block. They should also be noticeable.

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