PhotoFun Challenge Day 24: Love| Poetry

In darkness, a glimmer of light;
In mind, even if not in sight;
In every heart, maybe even in every beat;
At every corner and every street;
There is Love, There is Love.

His flower, and her ring;
The music in life, that makes you sing;
A smile to cherish,
A tear to perish,
That is Love, That is Love.

Holding Grandmamma’s hand;
Hanging on to papa’s shoulders rather than stand;
Mumma’s touch on the forehead;
Sisters’ bonhomie where all worries are shed;
It is Love, It is Love.

A friend’s shoulder to lean on;
Sitting alone in the lawn;
A finger to lead you;
Matters not, when, where, how or who;
All is Love, All is Love.


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