PhotoFun Challenge Day 25: Citrus

“When life gives you lemons…..make lemonade” 

Its an old saying that is very commonly heard….with variations of make margaritas, add tequila and salt!, throw it back at life, etc. being bandied around. Lemons as symbolisms for some kind of adversity…and making lemonade, a postive outlook to it.

My take is slightly different…whilst I am a great believer in positive outlook….to me, lemons, whilst being sour in taste, bring a lot of benefits just as they are without the need to add anything to it. So if you use them correctly, they can add a lot of zest to life….cheesy I know – but true :). Similarly, adversities, whilst bringing pain, also bring a lesson, which is very important to learn. If we learn the right lesson, we make our lives better…

So I say…when life gives you lemons, accept them and use them for your benefit!


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