PhotoFun Challenge Day 27: Your weakness

I think everyone’s weakness would their family…hence I am not writing about that today as it is the obvious one. So you must be wondering why the picture of the iPhone? Well, the weakness that I am writing about is not my phone per se but what is represents. My weakness is connectivity – or rather the ability of connectivity, to be able to connect to who I need to, when I need to. Whilst I have travelled alone (which I must say, it is one of the most exhilarating experiences I have had) and am comfortable in my own company – be it going to the restaurant or sitting in a park, I want to be able to call/message/email and now whatsapp/facebook/tweet or blog 😄, when I feel like it and be available for people to contact me when they need to. We are humans and at some level we all need to be connected and smartphones have made it just that much easier…and worse. In the quest to be connected to the entire world…we have forgotten the phone is a small part of it….it can be connecting with family over a coffee, or with friends at a dinner, or even with the crowd at a concert. How many time have we seen tables at restaurants when everyone is looking at their phones, or on holidays no one is enjoying what they have come so far to see as they are busy with their phones? It may be time to remember that its not the phone connection that is our weakness but the people connection…

“Dont lose whats in front of you, for something that may or may not even be real” 


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