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The next poem, Rain, is by Write On! regular, Palak Tewary. Rain is one of the most uncomfortable elements of the weather. Harsh rain spits on your clothes and shoes and your socks get irritably wet. What could there possibly be to look forward to, in such grim weather?


As I sit by my window sill,
the rain drops start to patter,
I feel a smile find its way to my lips,
and all the worries no longer matter.

As I hold out my hand to stop their race,
the rain drops start to spatter,
I feel a wetness find its way to my face,
and of tears and beams, I get the latter.

As I step outside and feel the water,
the rain drops start to scatter
I feel a twitch find its way to my legs,
and my feet start to clatter.

As I dance around and sing in the rain,
the rain drops start to natter,
I feel a joy find its way to my heart, and
my delusion about sunshine starts to shatter.

© Palak Tewary, 2022

Connect with Palak Tewary on palaktewary.com or through Twitter + Instagram: @palaktewary

As you can see for Palak, rain is a symbol to relax and enjoy ourselves, no matter the downsides. Watching the drops from the window also seems to hold a childlike excitement for her. In society, we are pushed into the world of adulting; everything holds weight and nothing is taken lightly. But sometimes it’s OK to let yourself go and forget about the pressure of being, or becoming, an adult. Just look up at the sky! You may discover something you hadn’t noticed before.


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