PhotoFun Challenge Day 22: Landscape

I live in a city that has both the green lush farms & forests and the tall highrises that make the city skyline. It is filled with hills and valleys, trees and skyscrapers making long drives a firm favourite of the family’s. Whilst we go on these drives often, today was exceptional as our fabulous father, once he was apprised of the challenge, took it to heart and drove us to places where some of the best views are to be had. He drove for almost two-three hours from the long stretches of roads and to the viewpoint offering the city skyline, battling traffic and some people who shouldn’t be on the roads!, stopping as often as we wanted, to capture the much-loved sights of our city and offering insights of the best views. I couldn’t choose my favourite hence the collage. The photography session ending with a stop at one of favourite cafés for coffee and cake and laughter. A day well spent. The happiest moments in one’s life comes from the smallest things – all you need is the company of your loved ones, the will to notice the beauty all around you and laughter. 😀


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