PhotoFun Challenge Day 13: Reminds you of childhood…| Poetry

As I left for work today, it was raining and sitting in traffic, watching the rain drops fall, I started humming my favourite Ghazal (a lyrical form of music) by my absolute favourite singer, the late Jagjit Singh called “Wo kagaz ki kasti” (meaning that paper boat)…it’s a beautiful song talking about the childhood and it never fails to remind of everything I enjoyed as a child. That formed the inspiration for my topic today….both the photography and the poem below…and it keeps reminding me, to keep the child in me alive…I still enjoyed making the paperboat today and putting it out in the rain as much as I had as a child…

Days of Disney cartoons, cakes and cherries,
Nights full of stories of trolls and fairies,
And how do I forget the paper boats and rain,
Oh…to be a child again.

The higher the swings, the louder the laughter and screams,
Content with the collection of hopes and dreams,
When wealth was dolls, marbles and train,
Oh…to be a child again.

Happiness was receiving parcels,
Or going to the sea and building sand castles,
Or even just catching sight of a plane,
Oh….to be a child again.

The biggest worry was fights with friends and making up once more,
And maybe learning the timetables for eight, twelve and four,
It could be seeking those hiding – from lane to lane,
Oh….to be a child again.

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