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Appeared on: Wednesday Showcase: Acceptance + Spring Song + Silence In A Hot Garden + Like Angel Wings

Dear Readers,

As I pick up the reins as this month’s showcase editor, I hope I can follow in Dan, Holly & Eithne’s fabulous footsteps! I’m not a writer in my day job, but I’m a writer in my heart and write poetry, fiction and articles for online and offline media.

April is National Poetry Month, so it’s only fitting I start off my month with that medium. My love affair with poetry really started in school; I was fascinated by the depth of emotion a poem can express in only a few words, as opposed to much longer pieces of prose.

The theme for Write On! Issue 8 is ‘Growth’ and how we navigate this season of change, so I have chosen poetry based around these ideas.

To introduce myself properly, the first poem I’m presenting is one of mine: Acceptance. I believe before any growth or change can take place, it’s vital we accept things as they are, including ourselves, warts and all.

Keep expressing!


Connect with me on: or through Twitter/Instagram: @palaktewary


Cuddled up on the window seat,
one lazy sunny beautiful afternoon,
with me, I am determined to meet.

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