The First Daylight | Fiction | Denise Baer

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Amy looked into the vast expanse and all she could see was darkness. Only the sounds of the waves told her that there was an ocean out there. She turned away from the window and sighed. Her last night at the flat. From tomorrow, there would be nothing – nowhere to stay, nothing to do. She had tried too hard to save this and her business but it had come to nought. She wandered into what used to be her home office – the bare walls gleamed at her. The plaques and photos that once shone proudly on them had disappeared. The room was vacant; her antique oak desk lay empty – all the records had been moved to the office premises for the appointed administrator to go through and sort out.

She moved from room to room, savouring each memory and moment that she could. Yes, there had been struggle – being away from family, starting up and setting up her public relations (PR) business, building her reputation, expanding the company and then getting into partnership had taken her three years. After which things had settled for two glorious years – she had been so happy. And then…she shuddered as she remembered. How did she miss all the signs?

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