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First published on:  http://crossover.co.ke/2018/09/16/10-linkedin-basics-by-palak-tewary/

LinkedIn is one of the leading social media platform for professional networking and is already used by a lot of professional across the world but at varying degrees. The below are the basics in order to create a strong and active presence to build relationships and make your existing relationships work for you.

  1. Customise your profile url it is easy to do and makes your profile more searchable on google. On your profile page, you have a link to edit your public profile and url – this is where you can change your url. It is easy to do but more often than not it gets missed out.
  2. Upload a professional photo if you don’t want your photo to be available on the net, change your privacy settings so only your 1st and 2nd connections see it. Present a smiling photo that communicates professionalism.
  3. Your headline counts – Your headline is the first thing people see about you. When you update your current job, LinkedIn updates your headline to this – you need to change this to include your competencies – what you are and what you do – insert words that you want to be known for and searched for. This will increase your chances in appearing in LinkedIn Searches.

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