The three pillars of India

Having heard the Budget and various reactions coming in, it strikes me at how differently people can view the same thing. The supporters’ views are very much – some good solid steps and the country is moving in the right direction whilst the oppositions’ view ranges from it is copied, not innovative to biased to generic to tries to please everybody. What strikes me as quite funny is the contradictions coming from the opposition parties themselves. If it is copied and not innovative, do the opposition mean that their initial budget that has been copied was not innovative either? And if the Budget is too biased how can there be something to please everyone. The range of views shown against the Budget on the TV news channels is absolutely amazing.

What strikes my fancy is the human psychology – if you like something/someone, want something to happen & are pro something – you will find good things in what you view and if you are against something/someone, then no matter how good the thing is, you will find fault. So I feel opposition sometimes, opposes for the sake for opposing. I wish the news channels would call people who are unbiased for a meaningful debate….most of the time gets spent in rhetoric and the key issues and underlying points get ignored. I also feel news anchors’ should not try and bias the debate to what they feel & think but should let the debate take place in an open and fair manner so everyone gets a chance to speak – for many a times – two directly opposing things can be right in their own way and it simply depends on the side we are on that we see this.

Another thing that rankles my nerves is the quest for a comment from Prime Minister Modi. There have been numerous debates about does he or does he not speak enough. And actually the crux of the matter comes to the point of secular/communal comments for he does tweet everyday about things he is doing. Are we a society that is so used to being identified by our religion & caste that we cannot see beyond this? The Media makes news of every comment that can be seen as communal/secular hyping the issues and wont that result in instigating people – where does responsibility go then? If a Criminal activity occurs (in any way) then there should be a judicial system that should ensure the culprits are punished. But to use it to incite people is just wrong. Where are the debates on how to create more jobs, how to bring the prices down, what steps can be taken to ensure women safety, what India can do to help the situation in the world and bring about peace in the affected areas – these kind of debates are about every 1 out of 5 – and as excited I was about watching these each day – the more disillusioned I get every day.

When the Prime Minister launches MyGov platform – he does not say that its only for one section of the people, when he talks about Agriculture & farmers, he doesn’t talk about only those who are of one religion, when there are talks of building roads, improving power supply, creating jobs – it is for Indians and we must as a society move away from this division of religion, caste, etc. and work together for a better India, a stronger India and a more successful India. The 3 pillars: the Government/the Parliament, the Society & the Media – must all together ensure that we behave responsibly to avoid clashes and strengthen the country.

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